Voyager 5.0

Voyager is an original game, in which you fight battles with creature cards
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Voyager is an original card game, in which you should explore different realms with your Spellbook creature cards. Apart from the card game, there are several quests, "Wizard's Games", and other bonus games that make it more interesting and enjoyable. The game features good graphics and sound effects, and a suitable music. However, it doesn't seem to be very well organized and sometimes I was unsure what to do after another game. Also, it is full of historical parts and descriptions that may be annoying for some players. The theme is not very attractive for girls since the characters are monsters or things of the sort. Throughout the game, the players will find different treasures, discover tombs and ancient castles, and collect gold. All the adventures are short and the best of all is that the users will never play the same game ever.
The demo version of the game allows users to play for a certain time and up to the 5th levels (of the 10 included in the full version). If you like this type of games, you should definitely try Voyager.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Short games
  • Original gameplay
  • Good graphics and effects


  • Not very well organized
  • Lots of history and descriptions
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